GSC Princess Half Marathon Weekend, Enchanted 10K Recap and Day 2

I love race mornings!  No, I do not like waking up at the ungodly hour of 3:00am but there is something definitely in the air.  Its a combination of nerves, excitement and at Disney, MAGIC!

We were staying at The Beach Club Resort for our first night so we caught the bus to the start line there.  There was quite a line up and we had to wait for the second bus to come before we could get on.  When we got to Epcot, we did not have a bag to check for the 10K so we went and danced a little bit and pumped into a few friends.  We saw Dave Mari….its not a race if Dave isn’t there!


I finally got to meet Sandra, check out her virtual runs here:  FUNdRun4Bling


It was so nice to finally meet you in person Sandra!

Now I was suppose to be in Corral A but I was running this race with my friend who was in Corral B so I moved back a corral to run with her since Disney does not allow people to move up just drop back.


We then got into our corral and it was time to start this race!



Our race plan was to not worry about our time, to stop at most character stops and have FUN!  We did just that on this very hot and humid morning.  First up the Rabbit that we had to wait for while he took his break, but we had to get a picture with the Rabbit so we waited, and waited!


Next up Jiminy Cricket!  You can see how glistening we are, yup it was a hot one!


Cinderella and Rapunzel stopped for Marie!  Yes we are sweating profusely!


When we saw Goofy on the Boardwalk, we had to stop!


I really enjoyed the 10K Disney route.  When I first looked at the course I thought, how boring, but they put the characters stops in the right spots and it actually was a great 10K that went by quickly.  Michele & I had a blast running together!  We finished and wanted to quickly get back to the resort and shower and get FOOD.  We were starving at 3:30am so food was a must at that point.  We didn’t want to wait in the line for the 10K background so just took a picture with the Princess background, its a Princess weekend anyways right!


We had to also take a look on the wall to see if our names were there, yes they were!


It was now time to get on the bus, go back to the resort, shower, change and get our bags moved to our next resort, Animal Kingdom Lodge.  We grabbed breakfast at the bakery on the Boardwalk and then walked over to Hollywood Studios to play.


After Hollywood Studios we went to check in at our resort and I loved the safari view from our room.



And I always love the Mickey heads made out of towels that housekeeping makes.


A bestie pic on the balcony was needed before we headed out for dinner at Epcot.


We had a delicious dinner at Epcot and then walked around for a bit.

62 (2)


We ended the day with a quick stop at the resorts hot tub, we were ready to run the Half Marathon the following morning!  Bring on the bling!


GSC Princess Half Marathon Expo and Day 1

So it came and it passed and I still have a smile on my face!  I had such a fabulous time at Disney World for the Princess Half Marathon weekend.  My next few posts will be about my incredible weekend so get ready!

My adventure started with a 3:15am alarm Friday morning to make my 6:30am flight out of Toronto YYZ.  We all boarded and the pilot announced the plane needed a repair so we would be delayed.  After 80 minutes of sitting on the plane we were finally on our way to sunny Florida, definitely not the way I wanted to start my trip but I was excited to get on my way.  I arrived at MCO and I had to wait for my friend who was now landing shortly after I did.  We met up, hugged, laughed (we laughed all weekend) and got on our Disney Magical Express bus to The Beach Club (our first of 2 hotels for the weekend).  We got to our hotel, changed, grabbed lunch because we were starving and then headed to expo.


When we got to ESPN we had to go take our picture next to these signs!



I loved how I matched the purple 10K sign!  We then headed to get our bibs.


I have always gone to expo first thing in the morning and there is always a line up to get in and a line to get your bibs.  On Friday we were at expo after lunch and it was perfect.  No lines, no crowds, no waiting; we definitely said this is how we will do expo again.  We got our bibs and a few more pictures were needed.



Then it was off to expo to go shopping but first we entered like Princesses.


The expo was uneventful, I did have an order to pick up at Team Sparkle for some more sparkle skirts, I LOVE my Team Sparkle skirts, I also got some Sweaty Bands to match my costumes and the most exciting I got new Asics Kayanos.  Kayano is the only shoe I will wear and they had a funky pink/orange/purple pair that I could not say no to!



Lastly we entered the runDisney booth which we both thought was very disappointing.


A lot of the products were already sold out and what was left was not that exciting so we didn’t buy anything at the runDisney booth, definitely their loss.

After we left expo we headed back to our hotel to drop off our bags and head out for some fun at Magic Kingdom.  Sleep…..who needs sleep before a race, definitely not us.  We had dinner, rode some rides and met some characters.





But at last we did need to get a few hours of sleep so we closed out Magic Kingdom and headed back to The Beach Club.


Next post:  Enchanted 10K Race Recap and Day 2



Milton Half Marathon 2013 Race Recap

My race recap is 4 months late but better late then never!

After my husband passed away in August I looked at my race schedule and knew I could no longer run many of my registered races .  I had the Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare at the end of August; registration, airline tickets, hotel, park tickets, everything was already paid for.  But there was no way I could leave my daughter and head to California for a race.  I also had the painful task of getting my husbands remains back home and setting up a visitation, definitely not the way to end the summer.  So I DNS’d Dumbo Double Dare.  I also had Mud Hero just a few days before I was suppose to leave for California, again I DNS’d.  We also already had travel plans to go back to Florida in November and I was going to run Wine & Dine Half and run the 5K with my daughter, again another DNS.  I was also registered for one of my all time favourite half marathons, Army Half in Ottawa.  It was suppose to be a nice long weekend family getaway but that too was not going to happen so another DNS.  Looking at my race schedule I felt defeated.  I also was not training or running as I tried to figure out what my life had become and how to get through each day, one day at a time.  I then saw that I had the Milton Half Marathon mid September.  I knew I needed to get back on that running horse, if I didn’t at least try to run soon, I was afraid I would get so consumed with grief that I would not get back on.  So after the visitation I started running twice a week and minimal miles.  I was emotionally, mentally and physically tired.  I hadn’t eaten much and sleep deprivation had my name all over it.  I wasn’t me, I didn’t even feel human.  But I got out a few times because I was determined to run the Milton Half Marathon in my husbands honour.  I knew he wanted me to be out there running and doing what I loved to do, one big difference is he wasn’t there supporting me like he always did.  That thought was in my head on every training run and I think it emotionally exhausted me more.  So I knew that the race would be hard.

I had signed my daughter up for the 1K kids race (they did not have this last year) so I enlisted my parents help to come along that morning to watch her as I ran my race.  The whole morning was a blur and I really did feel I was somewhere other than there.  But I was excited to see my little runner run her heart out.  She was ready to hit that pavement hard!


She lined up at the start and I could see she was in a league of her own.


Off she went with all the determination she had.


She was battling it for first place but the boy she was running neck and neck with would keep crossing her path.  Total bully and disgusting sportsmanship.


Marina came in 2nd overall (first in my books) and 1st girl.  She did a sub 4:00 minute km, I believe she came in at 3:45…..AWESOME!


I was so happy for her, she felt happy and proud and during these hard days I just want that for her every minute of every day.

So next was my turn.  I got into my spot in between the 2 hour and 2:30 hour pacer, yes I was not expecting much at all.


The course was the same as last year so I knew what to expect, I always like that but I also knew that it was boring!  A long boring run with only me and my thoughts, total recipe for disaster.  I just kept thinking of him and what happened on that dreaded day and of my daughter and her having no daddy now.  OMG it was really bad.  I think it was way too soon to be out there alone for that long.  So I started swearing at myself and bribing myself to get through this.  I knew I would finish but I had to get this done fast or else I would go into the closest loonie bin!  So yes I cried at least 5 times on the course and I had to stop and gather myself to go on.  At the 16K mark saw a friendly face, my friend Gail had come out to support me.  It meant so much to see her there, I don’t even remember if I thanked her, Thank You Gail!  She had so many words of encouragement for me, ran a bit with me and waited for me to come back since the 16K is a loop until just past 19K.  She ran a bit more with me and told me I had this and would meet me at the finish….LOVE HER!  So I kept running along and at the 20K mark I saw another good friend Cynthia from and she ran the rest of the race with me.  I did have one breakdown and had to stop and compose myself but she was there to help and again I so appreciated that, Thank You Cynthia!  Here we are conquering that last hill together.


It was an honour to have her running with me and honestly this race meant so much more having her and Gail there.  She ran with me to just before the finish line.  OMG I could see the finish line, I was done this horribly emotional bad boy.


Another friend Elly from please check out her blog and consider her for your next portraits, she was at the event taking pictures for her photography group and she got some fabulous pictures of my daughter and I , this is my favourite one.  There is so much emotion and love in this picture.


That moment I knew our new life would be okay eventually, we just had to get past these hard times.  Gosh I hope they end soon though!

So we both conquered our first race after this tragedy.


My stats were not good but I was expecting that but honestly I was happy with what I accomplished that day.

Official Time – 2:08:23

Chip Time – 2:08:01

I also want to mention two other running friends that were running this race and gave me encouragement before the race, it meant a lot and thank you.  Robin from and Nicole from  Thanks so much Robin and Nicole!

I love our two medals and these are for you sweetie up in heaven xoxoxo  Your girls did good!


Warrior Dash Race Recap


The GOOD, the BAD and the SAD of Warrior Dash!

My day started bright and early and with plans of meeting Aneta at the highways car park, well that was the original plan.  It turned out she was at one and I was at another.  I then drove to the one I thought she was at but she wasn’t there, we were going up and down the highway, it was quite comical!  We finally did meet up and we were on our way to Barrie to Horseshoe Valley Ski Resort where Warrior Dash was taking place.

On the email we received from Warrior Dash it said to bring $10 cash for parking “on-site”.  Well parking was not “on-site”.  It was in the middle of a field about a mile away from the actual race site.  I wasn’t too impressed with that.  Oh well, we got there and we knew we would not make our 8:30 am wave.  The line up to get your bibs was HUGE.  Looking around while in line I saw this sign and knew it was going to be a great race.


We got our race kits, put our bibs on, went to bag check, used the port-a-potty and we were almost ready to race.


But first we had to accessorize.


Super cute but unfortunately they did not last long.  We then got into the line up for the start and we waited, and waited.  When it was finally our turn we started running up a HUGE hill.  Remember this is on a ski resort, OMG the hill was brutal.  We ran and then we walked, just like everyone else.  And during the whole time out on the course we went up and then down, up and then down, we definitely had a great hills workout.

The first obstacle was lame, just some small dirt hills and then we hit the Barricade Breakdown.


The first wall was easy but I then noticed every other wall was taller so we had to help each other up.  After this was the Petrifying Plunge.

We got very wet and if you went on the slide I went on, you end up in mud, yuck!  After this a narrow plank that we had to cross.  After this all the other obstacles were a blur.  We climbed, we went in trenches, we did more hills, more muddy trails.  The Hard Rain obstacle was closed when we reached it.


Sadly there was a lady laying on the floor on the opposite side unable to move.  We saw so many injured runners, it was ridiculous.  I did feel that some of the obstacles were not safe, especially for us “shorter” athletes.

My favourite obstacle by far was the big Cargo Net.


Now I am afraid of height….yup, not the best race for that but you need to conquer your fear some times.  So when I got to the top, both Aneta and I took our time swinging our legs over to the opposite side to go down.  Two guys were climbing behind us and Aneta said “Sorry we are a bit slow”.  These guys were awesome and told us no worries, take your time, be safe.  Thanks so much, that meant a lot!

After the cargo net is the famous fire jumps.




Then through the mud pit and a race to the finish line.


It was a challenging but fun race, we had a blast.  We then went to the water hoses to try to get washed off a bit.  We decided to get a bite to eat.  We both got the chicken burger, we were totally starved at this point.


And of course we got our free beer, oh so well deserved beer.



Of course we are wearing our horns!  We sat and ate and drank and watched the other people finish their race.  It was the perfect way to end a day at the races.



Now when I got home I saw some warrior wounds.  My legs had some bruises and my arm was bruised and scratched up a bit.


I definitely thought I would have had more bruises but I was lucky.

Now what do I think of Warrior Dash!  I saw every type of person running this race.  These obstacle/mud races have become so popular that everyone wants to run it and there are people that do not train and are not physically prepared for what the race has to offer.  The following day I heard that 900 people occupied the local hospital with injuries.  Apparently the lady laying on the floor at the Hard Rain obstacle had broken her leg.  A lady from my Canadian Mudd Queens group broke her ankle and when I heard on the news that a man had died.  I told my husband and on Monday he noticed his friends Facebook wall was filled with people acknowledging his passing.  He found out that it was his friend that indeed had died at Warrior Dash on the Sunday.  I had met him once or twice and I couldn’t believe he was gone.  No speculation to why he died but as I noticed, there were many people that did not look prepared to run this race.  I hope everyone that decides to run these type of races prepares themselves and trains for it.  I also think Warrior Dash needs to man up and have safer obstacles, it goes both ways.  Would I run it again?  Definitely :)  We finished the race in 57:48, so I will definitely race again to beat my time!


The Eaton Downtown Dash 5K Race Recap

I won’t make that mistake again!

Last year I ran the 10K Eaton Downtown Dash and it was a double loop and it was BAD!  I knew this year I would NOT run the 10K, so I signed up for the 5K and so glad I did.

The weather this year was hot and humid, with the humidity it was well over 40C, and that is after 7pm, yikes!  I knew this was going to have to be a more conservative race if I wanted to survive it.

I had not picked up my bib ahead of time so we got to the race an hour early to pick that up and find close parking.  I saw this sign and did a little giggle and was so happy I had in fact signed up for just the 5K.


Argh double loops mentally break me down, I know I need to get over that but not sure when I will attempt another double loop, if ever.

The 5K started at 7:20pm and the 10K at 7:30pm so I knew the lead 10K runner will probably be passing me on the course, surprisingly that did not happen.  So I got to the start line with a few minutes to spare.  Here is the 5K start line.


And here I come.



Yes I was already sweating at this point!


Okay lets get this bad boy over with!


The man behind me in all black and the white hair was beside me at the 1K mark when my watch beeped, he asked me what the time was and I said 4:40, and he was like “wow, too fast”, I would agree, too fast in that humidity.

We were running on the road along the lake and there was a nice breeze so even though you could cut through the humidity with a knife, it was bearable for the moment, perhaps that’s why a 4:40 didn’t seem too fast.  After the 1K mark we turned right and headed north and the sun that was starting to set was shining directly on us, wowzers.  The humidity was really hitting me now, I was not enjoying this.  I had meant to bring my hand held water bottle with me but completely forgot since I never race with water on me but today would definitely be the day to do it.  Right now I was in need of “aqua”, where was that water station!  I knew it was at the half way mark so I sucked it up and ran, a very uncomfortable run but I did it.  I “sucked up the suck”!

When I got to the water station there were only 3 volunteers at 2 tables so I grabbed my own water and decided to walk while I drank.  I did not want to get a side stitch, I have been getting them a lot lately and that humid filled day was not the day to also get a side stitch.  I drank and then started to run again.  Okay I was half way, I was ready to finish but as I started running again, sweat started falling into my eyes.  OMG that stings!  Tried to wipe it away as I keep running, I was blinking like crazy, just hoping to not fall.  It was quite comical!

As I was running, up ahead I saw 2 little girls and a lady with hoses, “God bless them”.  I tend to run on the right hand side of the road always and they were on the right hand curb so as I ran past them, I got sprayed.  It felt amazing but one little girl sprayed it right on my face so my glasses were all filled with water drops.  I had to stop and clean them so I could see.  It was all good but I wasted probably half a minute doing that and I already knew this would be a slower race for me.

The course was the same as last year and you actually run past the street that has the finish line, so I looked down the street but knew we had to go around and turn 3 corners first, oh what a tease.  I was ready to get this done.  Corner 1……..corner 2…….corner 3 and there was hubby with the camera.



Woohoo so excited to be finishing!


The sun was setting but it was still like 40C with the humidity.


Finish line here I come!



WOW that was a hot race!


My stats were:

Chip Time:  26:52

Category Rank:  8th out of 35

Gender Rank:  32nd out of 212

We stuck around to watch my friend Cynthia and Ed Whitlock finish the 10K. Here is Ed coming through to the finish line.


After they came through we quickly left, I needed air conditioning.

Green Germann Sakran 1K Kids Race Recap

I had to do a separate race recap for my daughters 1K race at the Green Germann Sakran race because she totally rocked this race.

They ran the 1K race right before the 5K race and Marina made sure to line up at the start early to get her spot.


They announced the lead runners to follow the guy on the bike and all I kept thinking was “buddy you better pedal fast”!


When they sounded the start, Marina was off like a bullet.


Those 3 girls at the lead will hold that the whole way.  Love the girl power!  But Marina was in the lead at the start and check out her face of determination!


Marina starts to take the lead and I was just hoping she didn’t start too fast and would be able to hold that lead.


Off she goes.


She was just flying.


We watched her to whole way and she was in the lead even past the turn around part but towards the finish the other girl past her.  Here she is still finishing strong.




Marina finished 2nd girl and 2nd overall.  The top 3 were those 3 girls at the start, I have never seen that at a race so that made it extra special, “girl power at its best”!

So proud of Marina, she did a great job and came in at 4:04…..WOW!

Green Germann Sakran Canada Day Race Recap EH!

Happy Birthday Canada!  July 1st is Canada’s birthday and what a better way to celebrate then to RUN!

I decided to try a different race this year on Canada Day after running the Barrie Canada Day race twice and both times disappointed with the organization and with the actual course of the race.  I picked the Green Germann Sakran race because it also had a kids race.  Marina ran the kids race and I will do a separate post because I think she totally deserves it, she rocked that race again!

We headed down to Burlington, parked right by the lake and enjoyed the view for a bit before the races started.


As you see we were all ready in our Canada Day shirt and tattoos ready to race and celebrate this great day!

The kids 1K went first and then followed by the 5K race.  I got ready at the start and off we went.



I had a goal to PB and had my pace taped to my watch and I was determined to do it.  After the 1K mark I was just ahead of pace and decided to stick with that and keep going.  Just after the 2K mark we got off the paved path and hit sand…..sand!!!!!!  Argh I hate gravel, dirt and sand courses, this is a road race, can we not keep it on the road.  If I want a beach run or a trail run guess what…..I will sign up for one of those.  Oh well, I kept going and I saw Nicole coming back already, gave her a wave and a good job.  Hit the turn around point and then saw Gail, another wave and good job and all I kept thinking was “I want off this sand”!

When I got back on to the paved path I checked my watch and I was in fact behind in my pace.  I knew if I picked it up right now I could probably still get it but I was also afraid of getting a side stitch which are just all too common for me.  I decided to go for it and yup there came the side stitch.  Tried to breath through it, determined not to slow down too much.

I can now see the finish line and I knew I would be close but no time to look at the watch, I just had to go.


I come around the corner and see my family which I always love.



I see the finish and the clock and disappointment set in.


14 SECONDS…………..14 SECONDS…………..14 SECONDS

That is how much I was off from getting a new 5K PB.  Oh how that hurts!

But I had a great time running and having my family there to support me is always a blessing.



So my official stats were:

Chip:  25:42

Category:  8th out of 28



Peachbud 1K Kids Race Recap

I love races that also have a kids race!  Marina is always asking me if my next race has a kids race, she is always so eager to run her heart out.

The Peachbud has a 1K kids race before the 5K and the 10K so we made sure to get their early for Marina to run her race.


Marina got ready at the start line and tried to grab her starting spot.



At 6:30pm they were off.





She takes the turn like a pro.




I was right at the finish line waiting for her to come in, I was looking up at the clock and I knew something was wrong.  The clock was hitting 4:40 already and no kids in sight.  Last year Marina ran this in 4:46 and she was the 4th girl.  The clock hit 5:00, yes definitely something is wrong.

Marina coming back and fighting for that 3rd spot overall.  Her and that boy were neck and neck and even their steps were exact.





But he took her right at the end but she did awesome.  She was the 2nd girl and 4th overall.



But what the heck happened with the time?  So apparently it was not a 1K, it was more like a 1.25K, really!  How difficult is it to measure the course properly.  Sure its a fun kids race but some of these kids take it seriously and their time is important to them.  So Marina’s time was 5:19 and if you calculate it out, if it was only a 1K her time would probably be 4:15…..wowzer!


Jerry’s Peachbud 10K Race Recap & 4th Year Running

This is my 4th year running and of all the races I have ran, I have ran the Peachbud every year!  My first year running Peachbud is still my 10K PB time of 50:29.  The following year was a windy race and I came in at 54:05, yes I wasn’t happy about that race.  Last year I was partially injured and came in at 53:42.  So as you see I am anxious to have another great race at the Peachbud.  Sadly this year was not it!

My daughter ran the 1K before my 10K race and I will do a separate post on that because she TOTALLY ROCKED!  Yes proud mommy moment!

After the 1K race, was the 5K and then the 10K and here I am just waiting to get this race started!



This is an evening race, with the 10K starting at 7:30pm, I still can’t get these races right in terms of rest and fueling properly, maybe one day!  This was a very hot, hot day and the first 4Ks the humidity really got to me.  After the race talking to other runners, they had the same issue so I am glad I wasn’t the only one but I know I was dehydrated prior to the race and that really affected me.  I never really got into a good grove and I was just drinking down water at all the water stations.  The sponge station at the 6K mark was heaven, I love sponge stations.  I just keep it with me, stick it on my tank strap and you can feel the cold water cool you off as you run, yes heavenly!

So basically my whole race sucked.  Right after the 9K mark I see Cynthia running towards me.  I know she has ran the 10K already and had finished about 10 minutes ago, she is an awesome runner.  She is yelling out to me, “almost there”, “keep your eyes on the street lights ahead”, “lets so Bela”.  Seriously my angel sent from heaven.  She ran with me to just before the finish line and I was so tired, I had no more to give but I could not let Cynthia down.  I pushed, and started passing people, I was finishing this strong.


My foot was also really bugging me STILL, you can see it in the position of my foot.



Yikes, my finish time was my worst 10K ever, oh so sad!  But regardless I got out there and ran and finished my 4th straight row of running the Peachbud!


My stats were:

Chip – 56:58 – yup my worst 10K EVER

Category Placing – 11th out of 32

Gender Placing – 66th out of 202

I had to get a picture of Cynthia and I.  I am so blessed to know this amazing woman and runner, she is so supportive and I always love seeing her at the races.


We then went in to get our post race snacks and the last 2 years Peachbud has provided a hot meal after the race which I love and thank them for.  Here is Marina enjoying her meal.


We went back out to wait for Gail and to watch her finish.


I am all about supporting on another and Gail did great!  We chit chatted for awhile after while I ate my meal and my daughter photo bombed this picture.


Wasn’t a great race for me but I did have a great time overall.  Always great to get out there and race and to be around friends and family, what more could  ask for.  Well I ask for next years Peachbud to be awesome, but we will have to wait and see!

A Wet Color Me Rad Race Recap

There are so many “Colour races“…..Color Me Rad, The Color Burst, The Color Run, Run Or Dye, but none had yet come to Ontario, Canada until now.  When I saw that Color Me Rad was coming to Toronto, I registered Marina and I right away.  I was very excited for this “fun” race!

The morning of the race it was very cloudy and there was a high chance of rain but I was praying and hoping it would not rain while we were at the race because I knew my daughter would be miserable.  I had a few friends team up to be “Colour Divas” so I headed over to the meet up spot to hopefully find everyone.  Unfortunately I only found Gail, but the 3 of us make a pretty cute tutu team:


I loved how our outfits turned out with all the accessories.


My daughter enjoyed playing the cutesy look all morning.



We decided to get a good before picture by the wall.


The vibe and energy of this race was “party” and “fun“, it was great to be part of it and feel the excitement in the air.  There was a stage with entertainment and they were throwing out free extra colour bombs into the crowd.


People were already using their colour bombs.


It had now started raining and my daughters complaints already started.  I did get one more picture out of her.


Our wave was the 10:30am wave however you could run any wave, they were not monitoring it at all.  If I had known this fact I would have ran an earlier wave because when it started raining, it poured.  We ran to get into our 10:30am wave and the rain had just turned into a downpour.  We started running to find that the majority of people don’t run this race.  Even the conversations I was hearing were, “let’s just walk”, “why are they running”, “this is a fun race, it needs to be walked”.  YIKES…..was I in the twilight zone?  Marina and I were zigzagging like crazy in the pouring rain.

There was colour bomb spots at every kilometer and when you went through these spots, it was like a cloud of colour and visibility was minimal.


Check out the guy in the suit.


Check out the astronaut.


There weren’t many costumes, I believe the Tutu Colour Divas were the best and the cutest.  Oh and here we come.


This was the last colour bomb spot before the final line colour bomb.


Don’t I look colourful.


A picture of the tutu divas all colourize.


Now it was pouring and when we got to the finish line everyone was looking for cover.


Now the colour bombs are made of cornstarch, does anyone know what cornstarch and water makes?

YUP a PASTE……check out my pasty face.


The colour bombs were nasty when wet.  If it was a nice dry day, the powder would easily shake off our bodies and hair, yes it would still be on our clothes but when it turns into paste, it sticks to you like glue.

At the end we still had a few colour bombs to set off.  Marina tried so hard to squeeze them open but it wasn’t happening.  So I squeezed them for her and added some more colour and paste to me child and myself.



RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY……I guess we didn’t chant this enough in the morning.  That’s okay, it was definitely an experience, it was definitely a fun race, it was definitely memories that I made with my daughter that will never be forgotten.

Would I run another colour race?  Absolutely!  But not this year, I mean how different can another one be and don’t get me wrong, this is a fun race, its not timed so really why run another one this year.  Next year I will definitely run another one with my daughter and hopefully one of the other colour races will fit into my schedule.  It would be nice to try a different one to compare!  Until then, I will try to not be colourful!