Green Germann Sakran 1K Kids Race Recap

I had to do a separate race recap for my daughters 1K race at the Green Germann Sakran race because she totally rocked this race.

They ran the 1K race right before the 5K race and Marina made sure to line up at the start early to get her spot.


They announced the lead runners to follow the guy on the bike and all I kept thinking was “buddy you better pedal fast”!


When they sounded the start, Marina was off like a bullet.


Those 3 girls at the lead will hold that the whole way.  Love the girl power!  But Marina was in the lead at the start and check out her face of determination!


Marina starts to take the lead and I was just hoping she didn’t start too fast and would be able to hold that lead.


Off she goes.


She was just flying.


We watched her to whole way and she was in the lead even past the turn around part but towards the finish the other girl past her.  Here she is still finishing strong.




Marina finished 2nd girl and 2nd overall.  The top 3 were those 3 girls at the start, I have never seen that at a race so that made it extra special, “girl power at its best”!

So proud of Marina, she did a great job and came in at 4:04…..WOW!

Green Germann Sakran Canada Day Race Recap EH!

Happy Birthday Canada!  July 1st is Canada’s birthday and what a better way to celebrate then to RUN!

I decided to try a different race this year on Canada Day after running the Barrie Canada Day race twice and both times disappointed with the organization and with the actual course of the race.  I picked the Green Germann Sakran race because it also had a kids race.  Marina ran the kids race and I will do a separate post because I think she totally deserves it, she rocked that race again!

We headed down to Burlington, parked right by the lake and enjoyed the view for a bit before the races started.


As you see we were all ready in our Canada Day shirt and tattoos ready to race and celebrate this great day!

The kids 1K went first and then followed by the 5K race.  I got ready at the start and off we went.



I had a goal to PB and had my pace taped to my watch and I was determined to do it.  After the 1K mark I was just ahead of pace and decided to stick with that and keep going.  Just after the 2K mark we got off the paved path and hit sand…..sand!!!!!!  Argh I hate gravel, dirt and sand courses, this is a road race, can we not keep it on the road.  If I want a beach run or a trail run guess what…..I will sign up for one of those.  Oh well, I kept going and I saw Nicole coming back already, gave her a wave and a good job.  Hit the turn around point and then saw Gail, another wave and good job and all I kept thinking was “I want off this sand”!

When I got back on to the paved path I checked my watch and I was in fact behind in my pace.  I knew if I picked it up right now I could probably still get it but I was also afraid of getting a side stitch which are just all too common for me.  I decided to go for it and yup there came the side stitch.  Tried to breath through it, determined not to slow down too much.

I can now see the finish line and I knew I would be close but no time to look at the watch, I just had to go.


I come around the corner and see my family which I always love.



I see the finish and the clock and disappointment set in.


14 SECONDS…………..14 SECONDS…………..14 SECONDS

That is how much I was off from getting a new 5K PB.  Oh how that hurts!

But I had a great time running and having my family there to support me is always a blessing.



So my official stats were:

Chip:  25:42

Category:  8th out of 28



Peachbud 1K Kids Race Recap

I love races that also have a kids race!  Marina is always asking me if my next race has a kids race, she is always so eager to run her heart out.

The Peachbud has a 1K kids race before the 5K and the 10K so we made sure to get their early for Marina to run her race.


Marina got ready at the start line and tried to grab her starting spot.



At 6:30pm they were off.





She takes the turn like a pro.




I was right at the finish line waiting for her to come in, I was looking up at the clock and I knew something was wrong.  The clock was hitting 4:40 already and no kids in sight.  Last year Marina ran this in 4:46 and she was the 4th girl.  The clock hit 5:00, yes definitely something is wrong.

Marina coming back and fighting for that 3rd spot overall.  Her and that boy were neck and neck and even their steps were exact.





But he took her right at the end but she did awesome.  She was the 2nd girl and 4th overall.



But what the heck happened with the time?  So apparently it was not a 1K, it was more like a 1.25K, really!  How difficult is it to measure the course properly.  Sure its a fun kids race but some of these kids take it seriously and their time is important to them.  So Marina’s time was 5:19 and if you calculate it out, if it was only a 1K her time would probably be 4:15…..wowzer!


Jerry’s Peachbud 10K Race Recap & 4th Year Running

This is my 4th year running and of all the races I have ran, I have ran the Peachbud every year!  My first year running Peachbud is still my 10K PB time of 50:29.  The following year was a windy race and I came in at 54:05, yes I wasn’t happy about that race.  Last year I was partially injured and came in at 53:42.  So as you see I am anxious to have another great race at the Peachbud.  Sadly this year was not it!

My daughter ran the 1K before my 10K race and I will do a separate post on that because she TOTALLY ROCKED!  Yes proud mommy moment!

After the 1K race, was the 5K and then the 10K and here I am just waiting to get this race started!



This is an evening race, with the 10K starting at 7:30pm, I still can’t get these races right in terms of rest and fueling properly, maybe one day!  This was a very hot, hot day and the first 4Ks the humidity really got to me.  After the race talking to other runners, they had the same issue so I am glad I wasn’t the only one but I know I was dehydrated prior to the race and that really affected me.  I never really got into a good grove and I was just drinking down water at all the water stations.  The sponge station at the 6K mark was heaven, I love sponge stations.  I just keep it with me, stick it on my tank strap and you can feel the cold water cool you off as you run, yes heavenly!

So basically my whole race sucked.  Right after the 9K mark I see Cynthia running towards me.  I know she has ran the 10K already and had finished about 10 minutes ago, she is an awesome runner.  She is yelling out to me, “almost there”, “keep your eyes on the street lights ahead”, “lets so Bela”.  Seriously my angel sent from heaven.  She ran with me to just before the finish line and I was so tired, I had no more to give but I could not let Cynthia down.  I pushed, and started passing people, I was finishing this strong.


My foot was also really bugging me STILL, you can see it in the position of my foot.



Yikes, my finish time was my worst 10K ever, oh so sad!  But regardless I got out there and ran and finished my 4th straight row of running the Peachbud!


My stats were:

Chip – 56:58 – yup my worst 10K EVER

Category Placing – 11th out of 32

Gender Placing – 66th out of 202

I had to get a picture of Cynthia and I.  I am so blessed to know this amazing woman and runner, she is so supportive and I always love seeing her at the races.


We then went in to get our post race snacks and the last 2 years Peachbud has provided a hot meal after the race which I love and thank them for.  Here is Marina enjoying her meal.


We went back out to wait for Gail and to watch her finish.


I am all about supporting on another and Gail did great!  We chit chatted for awhile after while I ate my meal and my daughter photo bombed this picture.


Wasn’t a great race for me but I did have a great time overall.  Always great to get out there and race and to be around friends and family, what more could  ask for.  Well I ask for next years Peachbud to be awesome, but we will have to wait and see!

A Wet Color Me Rad Race Recap

There are so many “Colour races“…..Color Me Rad, The Color Burst, The Color Run, Run Or Dye, but none had yet come to Ontario, Canada until now.  When I saw that Color Me Rad was coming to Toronto, I registered Marina and I right away.  I was very excited for this “fun” race!

The morning of the race it was very cloudy and there was a high chance of rain but I was praying and hoping it would not rain while we were at the race because I knew my daughter would be miserable.  I had a few friends team up to be “Colour Divas” so I headed over to the meet up spot to hopefully find everyone.  Unfortunately I only found Gail, but the 3 of us make a pretty cute tutu team:


I loved how our outfits turned out with all the accessories.


My daughter enjoyed playing the cutesy look all morning.



We decided to get a good before picture by the wall.


The vibe and energy of this race was “party” and “fun“, it was great to be part of it and feel the excitement in the air.  There was a stage with entertainment and they were throwing out free extra colour bombs into the crowd.


People were already using their colour bombs.


It had now started raining and my daughters complaints already started.  I did get one more picture out of her.


Our wave was the 10:30am wave however you could run any wave, they were not monitoring it at all.  If I had known this fact I would have ran an earlier wave because when it started raining, it poured.  We ran to get into our 10:30am wave and the rain had just turned into a downpour.  We started running to find that the majority of people don’t run this race.  Even the conversations I was hearing were, “let’s just walk”, “why are they running”, “this is a fun race, it needs to be walked”.  YIKES…..was I in the twilight zone?  Marina and I were zigzagging like crazy in the pouring rain.

There was colour bomb spots at every kilometer and when you went through these spots, it was like a cloud of colour and visibility was minimal.


Check out the guy in the suit.


Check out the astronaut.


There weren’t many costumes, I believe the Tutu Colour Divas were the best and the cutest.  Oh and here we come.


This was the last colour bomb spot before the final line colour bomb.


Don’t I look colourful.


A picture of the tutu divas all colourize.


Now it was pouring and when we got to the finish line everyone was looking for cover.


Now the colour bombs are made of cornstarch, does anyone know what cornstarch and water makes?

YUP a PASTE……check out my pasty face.


The colour bombs were nasty when wet.  If it was a nice dry day, the powder would easily shake off our bodies and hair, yes it would still be on our clothes but when it turns into paste, it sticks to you like glue.

At the end we still had a few colour bombs to set off.  Marina tried so hard to squeeze them open but it wasn’t happening.  So I squeezed them for her and added some more colour and paste to me child and myself.



RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY……I guess we didn’t chant this enough in the morning.  That’s okay, it was definitely an experience, it was definitely a fun race, it was definitely memories that I made with my daughter that will never be forgotten.

Would I run another colour race?  Absolutely!  But not this year, I mean how different can another one be and don’t get me wrong, this is a fun race, its not timed so really why run another one this year.  Next year I will definitely run another one with my daughter and hopefully one of the other colour races will fit into my schedule.  It would be nice to try a different one to compare!  Until then, I will try to not be colourful!

The Mud Run Race Recap, Time To Get Muddy!

My daughter and I ran The Mud Run last year and we had so much fun tackling the trail terrain and the mud, we wanted to do it again this year.

This year it had rained ALOT just prior to the race so I knew this was going to be a much more challenging race than last years.  But we were ready!  We got to the race and took our before picture.


We were all dolled up and even had matching green nail polish.


We checked out the mud pit to make sure it was up to our muddy code:


We were so excited we were jumping for joy:



Not only did we get to the race too early, the start was delayed, I was not impressed.  We waited……..


…..and waited……..


….we waited with friends………..


……and did some more waiting………


As we waited we checked out some interesting costume.




And finally we were off:


Now I ran this race the following day from doing the O Course.  I was in pain and tired and my legs did not want to run.  I told my daughter to stick with me because I knew I couldn’t keep up with her this time around.  We started off good, we ran up that first steep hill and off we were onto the grass.  As we were running along the parking lot, I started to feel terrible, I told Marina to slow down just a bit for me, I can’t believe I had to do that!  We then hit the trails and they were very muddy and slippery.  Marina was slipping and sliding everywhere.  I was wearing my new Salomon Speedcross 3 shoes and they were awesome in the mud!

When we got to the half way mark there was a water station that Marina didn’t even see because she was on a speedy rampage.  I had to yell at her to stop and get a drink, okay not only did I want her to get a drink, but I wanted to stop for a break.  Did I mention how much pain and how tired I was, argh!  I got her to stop long enough to take a few sips and then we were off.  The second half is much harder, there are more hills and they were extremely slippery this year with the mud and rain.  One hill you need to grab onto tree branches to get you up and Marina had a hard time grabbing them so I had to push her forward a few times.  Also there is a river we need to walk through, last year it was up to her knees, this year it was up to her chest.  I went first and then she got in and we walked through together.  I always make sure she is a head of me and I trail behind to make sure she is doing okay.

We were told there would be a surprise on the course and OMG what a surprise.  It was a huge slippery slide that was so much fun but once you got down you had to run up that same hill on the other side and then you can hear the crowd at the finish line.  We were almost there but we knew the last challenge is a huge hill that you need to pull yourself up with a rope.  Marina was in front and I was directly behind her.  A few times she was slipping down and could not keep going, I just held on to the rope with one hand and pushed her bum up with the other hand, did that a few times and we were both up that muddy hill!  After that hill is a short run to the mud pit.






I love my daughters face in this picture:



Now we were very close to the front of the pack and the mud wasn’t so muddy and thick it was more of a watered down mud.  You can see here on my picture that the mud was not sticking to me because it was so watery.


Now when we got to the mud pit it started to pour rain and when we finished it was still raining so it was cleaning us up.



Here is our after picture:


Yes we don’t look that muddy but trust me there was dirt EVERYWHERE and we were so extremely wet!

I had no idea what our time was, all I knew is I did not run as fast as I normally would because my body was hurting but I knew we were at the front of the pack since we passed a lot of people at the beginning and we couldn’t see many people in front of us.  They posted the times and I took a look, it showed that Marina came in as the 8th kid so I knew she would not get a placing and we decided to leave because Marina and I were actually quite cold, that darn rain cooled us down very quickly.  When I got home and the results were up I noticed that she was actually the 1st kid girl.


She came in 8th overall for kids (the other 7 were boys) but in the girls category she was first.  OMG SO PROUD but then I felt so bad that she didn’t stay to get her medal or award.

We actually finished faster than last year with a 38:26 and 38:27.  I placed 18th female out of 163, there are no age categories at this race.

It was an awesome race and so much fun to run it with my daughter.  I promised her next year mommy will not run a race or do the O Course the day before The Mud Run.  Next year we will beat our time and Marina will attempt to place 1st again!

Toronto Women’s Half Marathon Race Recap


I ran the Toronto Women’s Half Marathon last year for the first time, you can check out my race recap here.  I really enjoyed the course last year, beautiful scenic park course.  The only thing I did not enjoy was their eLoad gels so I stayed very far away from them this time.  Now we received an email maybe a month ago that the course had changed.  The sent us a link with a hand drawn picture, yeah to me it didn’t mean much since I am not familiar with the area so I really didn’t know what the change entailed until I was running it today.

Let’s start at the beginning.  I got to Sunnybrook Park an hour before start time since I still needed to pick up my bib.  Here is the race kit that I picked up:


Yup totally uneventful…..I am dying to see an AWESOME race kit one day!  I hadn’t looked in my bag when I picked up my bib, but I did see the shirt out on the course and thinking how blah they were.  Its such a soft boring blue, very unflattering and when they handed me my bag they said they were out of XSmall so they gave me a Small……getting really annoyed when I ask for XSmall and always get Smalls that are usually too big!  Okay back to the race.  I got ready and readjusted what I was wearing for the last time.  It was a cold morning and I decided with a t-shirt instead of tank top and at the start I decided no arm sleeves because the sun had come out and I am glad I did.  I was actually too warm out on the course with a t-shirt, a tank top would have been a lot better!

My corral was blue and it was the first wave so I got into my corral with 10 minutes to the start.  I didn’t feel it was as crowded as last years which was nice.  Here I am waiting in my corral:


We were off and I was ready to get this done.



Now I ran this race injured.  My foot started to act up towards the end of my last race that was 2 weeks ago so I made sure to tape it up before heading out.


My plan for this race was to go out strong with my 10K pace and then slow it down whenever my foot started yelling a me.  I wanted to come under 2 hours but I was also being realistic that with a bad foot I was probably going to be closer to the 2:10 mark.

At the 1.5K mark is where last years route got re-directed onto the roadway and up a HUGE hill.  OMG I was not expecting this.  This is not what my foot wanted and especially not right at the start of the race.  After the HUGE uphill we got a huge downhill.  While I agree downhill is soooo much better than uphill but I always feel like I am going to face plant if I go too fast downhill.  So the uphill and downhill was from 1.5K to 3K, that was quite the distance for hills, there wasn’t much flat surface during this time.  Just after the 3K mark we got back into the park which was much nicer than Don Mills Road.  This course also had 3 out and back routes which while I love seeing the elite run super fast past me, this course has very narrow paths so when you get 2 way traffic, its pretty bad.  I tried not to check my watch too often but I was doing really good and well ahead of my 2:00 target at the half way mark.  When I reached the 11 mile mark I was feeling the foot and I was on target for 1:58.  I was pretty excited that I could get this race under 2:00.  But my dreams were shattered at the 11.5 mile mark.  That darn hill again, the hill we went down we were now going up and my foot told me that we were not going up that hill.  So I tried to run up that hill but couldn’t.  I walked most of it, I did try to jog but the foot said NO.  Then once up that hill it was down the other hill and again I tried to take it very slow since the foot was now throbbing.

At this point I was DONE!  My foot was hurting and overheating, I could feel my whole body just want to stop.  What makes it worse is that I know I am so close to the finish line but yet so far in this condition.  I literally gave it everything I had, I had no more to give.  I usually sprint that last half km but nope I had one speed now and it was SLOW.


I can’t believe I got this tiny bit of air because I honestly felt like my feet were not getting off the floor.


I was really hurting here but the finish line was right there.



I didn’t even see my family there.  I was all a big blur, I was so focused on that darn finish line and the need to get over it.

OMG I was so grateful to be still running over that finish line.  I made it and honestly I felt so frickin’ good to have done this with a bad foot and those darn hills that I will never forget.



So that is the finishers necklace, yup I am not a fan of the necklaces, I much prefer the medals since I will never wear this necklace and it looks so tiny in that picture of me holding it!


So I did smile after the fact. Again I am proud to have completed this race injured, I wasn’t sure how the day would end.  I think the KT Tape really helped my foot hang in there, especially at the beginning when I was running at a good pace.  I did not like the course change at all and I understand it was out of their control since the City of Toronto was doing the construction in that area.  I would definitely run this race again on the original course.  I did behave and avoided the eLoad gels they were handing out.  I drank water at every water station except the first and last one and I only had a sip of the eLoad drink at one water station.

Okay so here are my stats:

Chip Time:  2:01:15 – yup didn’t achieve my under 2:00 but I knew that would be difficult with the foot

Category Rank – 64th out of 169 – fast women in my category.  I like to be in the top 1/4, almost here but I am in the top third so not bad

Gender Rank – 294th out of 959 – top 1/3

I looked up the males in this race, the announcer said there were a few, yes there were 4 males running this race!  Thinking those are the smart men!

The Freezing Sporting Life 10K Recap

Freezing…… was a freezing mid-May morning!  Hubby got up before me to take the dog out to pee and he came back to bed as I was about to get up and his words were “OH, you are going to freeze”!  Hearing that the morning of a race is NEVER good.  I am ALWAYS cold and I dislike the cold oh so much and running a race in the cold is torture for me.  When he said that I actually contemplated if I should just stay in my warm bed but nah that’s not me so I got up, looked at the clothes I had placed out the night before and said “no way” and went to get something else to wear.  I originally had short and a short sleeve t-shirt, it was now capris, a long sleeve shirt and a throw away sweater and mitts.  Oh my god I am going to freeze!

I had never ran the Sporting Life 10K but the course is the same as the Yonge Street 10K that I ran last year.  Its a fast downhill course all the way down Yonge Street.  I got hubby to drop me off at the start and he would drive to the finish and wait for me.  I got dropped off at 7:40am, the first corral started at 8:00am and my corral, the second corral would start at 8:10am.  I was suppose to meet some running friends at the Lululemon, I headed there as soon as I was dropped off but I couldn’t find them so I decided to get into my “blue” corral and try to stay warm.  Yeah the “warmth” didn’t happen unfortunately.  All I kept thinking was “Is it 8:10 yet?”  When my corral was finally off I was excited to get running and get to that finish line so I could get warm again but first a tour down Yonge Street was in order!

This was a large race, I believe it was 21,000 or 27,000 runners, sorry I forget the actual number.  There were runners everywhere, you were not alone on this race.  I had photogenic girl beside me who obviously notices camera men, I do not:


I had very happy and finger pointing man beside me who also notices the camera men, again I didn’t:


And I saw Luigi up ahead and had to pass him since the costume was really annoying me and then what happens, camera man takes a pic and I get Luigi in my picture:


So the run down Yonge Street was a cold one.  When we hit the major cross roads I literally thought I was going to get blown over from the strong, cold wind.  I also had constant watery eyes, even though I had sunglasses on my eyes were so watery from the wind.  I thought many times I was going to lose my footing.  It was a challenging race for someone like me who is allergic to the cold weather, that’s for sure!

I had discussed with hubby to NOT be right at the finish line.  Again this was a BIG race and yes Boston Marathon still haunts me so I would rather they not see me cross that finish line if it keeps them safe.  They were just up ahead past the medals which was in the finish chute a bit ahead.  I ran with my cell phone, I had made myself a promise to always run big races with my cell phone from now on, again after the Boston Marathon bombing, I felt I needed to be able to contact my family if anything similar was to happen.  So I called hubby to let him now I crossed and he caught me getting my medal.


I have an interesting look on my face but I was saying “Thank You” to the volunteer, just like I did to all the volunteers I encountered on the course.


Always love having my family there to support me:


Now this race was on Mothers Day and yes the best gift was being able to run a race and have my family there and while my family waited for me, hubby posted this on my Facebook wall:


Nothing better!

We then headed out to our favourite local mom ‘n pop diner for breakfast:


So proud to me this little girls mother……no words to describe the feeling and no I don’t need a day to celebrate being a mom, everyday with my girl is a celebration!

I am lucky to have a supporting family and they even know what I want for a gift:


Yup that’s my shoe in my size in a colour that is hard to find here in Canada.  This Kayano 19s came from the States, hand delivered by hubby’s friend.  LOVE THEM!

I couldn’t have asked for a better Mothers Day!


So what are my stats you may ask, I wanted to come in at 52:00 but that cold slowed me down a bit:

Chip Time:  52:48

Gender Placing:  1450th out of 12,818

Category Placing:  184th out of 1545

Not too bad overall…….I will definitely run this race again but I need to ask Mother Nature to be kinder than she was this year!


Mississauga 10K Race Recap, Back In My Hometown

Mississauga is my childhood hometown, I have very fond memories living there and back in 2010 when I decided to start running, the Mississauga 10K was suppose to be my first race ever.  But I knew I was ready to race so I did run a different race first but the Mississauga 10K was my second race.  Check out that race recap here.

Friday I headed out to the expo to pick up my bib.  There was communication that all bags and purses would be checked and that police would be present an while my purse was not checked when I got there, I did like seeing the police around making sure everything was okay.  The expo was uneventful but the race kit was quite good, check it out:


Okay if you know me at all you know I LOVE black….this black tech top fit amazing, I LOVED IT!

The Mississauga 10K is an evening race.  It started at 6:30pm but luckily it was a gorgeous day and evening.   Hubby dropped me off at the start point and went to find parking at the finish line.   I stood around at the start area for a little over 30 minutes and the police force was definitely out and checking all the bags being checked, great job to the organizers and the police for keeping everyone safe!

When it was time, the street was closed off, a fire truck lifted their ladder and the runners were all told to get in the chute.  I could just imagine the view of all the runners from the top of that fire truck ladder!  Must have been amazing!

Anywho… was time to run!  We sang O Canada, sang Sweet Caroline for Boston Strong and off we went.  There were 2 hills in the first 1K but the sun was still out and I was enjoying the evening, I just kept saying “Let’s get this done”!  We ran along Lakeshore and then off onto the trails by the lake, gorgeous scenic run, I glanced over at the lake and could see downtown Toronto lakeshore area, looked so pretty.  Okay enough of that….back to the race.  Now one thing that really bugged me were the BUGS.  Luckily I had my sunglasses so they didn’t get in my eyes but I ate enough of them.  How much protein are in bugs?  Hoping is a sufficient amount to make it worth it!

I had a hard time at the 8K mark, I was just feeling sluggish and I’m not sure if its the fact that its an evening race or what but I was ready for this race to be done at this point.  I could see the finish line from a far since we had an area where we had to snake so you can see it and hear it and all you want is to get there!  I knew my family was at the finish and I gave it everything I had to get there.


I even got a little bit of air!



Okay how about some more air!  Air baby, air!  I love air pictures!


I was so happy to see the finish line and look who found me?


Gail……I heard someone else yell out my name as I got to the finish and it was Gail.  So nice to finally meet her!  And then Cynthia found me.


I always love seeing friends at races!

So what are my stats:


Chip Time – 54:23 – yes my worst 10K time ever but again, just off of an injury and not too terrible so I’ll take it.

Category Rank – 19th out of 205 – that doesn’t seem too bad

Gender Rank – 94th out of 692

Regardless of my stats, I am glad to be out racing again and the foot felt great during and after…..BONUS!


Up next – Sporting Life 10K

First Race After Injury – Run4Hope Race Recap

The day has come…….first race after my injury…..nerves, oh the nerves!

I picked up my race kit Friday night and as we all know small local races do not have very good race kits, here it is:


Yup very uneventful!  The chocolate energy bar was a new product, its called “Awake Chocolate”, I always like to try new products.


It’s a chocolate bar packed with as much caffeine as a cup of coffee or an energy drink.  It was pretty good, I tried the chocolate caramel bar, I’m not a big fan of chocolate but love caramel.  I would buy it if I needed a pick me up!

Okay back to my race.  I ran this race last year and placed 2nd in my category and originally the plan was to run it again this year and place.  However, with my injury I knew that wasn’t going to be the plan anymore.  This race was a nice small local race, perfect to be my first race after the injury.  I wanted to see how the foot would hold up, so this race would be perfect for that!


Since my nerves were acting up, I had to hit the restroom right before the race and I literally got into the chute and we were off in less than a minute.  Okay here it comes people…..walkers…….you need to be at the back….done!  So I had to pass several walkers right out of the chute and when we did a sharp and narrow turn onto the sidewalk, had to pass many more.  Why oh why do walkers insist on starting anywhere but the back??????  I don’t understand!  Anywho……we did a sharp turn, ran for less than a quarter mile and we had a turn around.  Hubby knew to be out as we came back and past the start area and got a few great pics:


A little bit of air:


Totally looks like I am being chased down:


And off I go:



I felt pretty good along the route but I knew my time was slow, I just don’t have that speed that I use to and I can feel it.  As we got to the final turn I hammed it up for the photographers.


I am definately buying that one and this one is pretty good too.


I knew the finish line was there and I gave it everything I had:


Done, done, done!


I didn’t PR, I didn’t place, but my foot felt great and I know it can just get better!

My stats were:

Chip Time – 27:00

Category Rank – 7th (out of 36)

Gender Rank – 21st (out of 142)

I was very happy that I finally got to meet Irina and she had a great race and placed……woohoo Irina!


Next up is the Mississauga 10K!